Terms and Conditions & House Rules

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions indicated here are valid for all accommodation offered by Dao Samui Co. Ltd. t/a Koh Tao Star Villa.

A booking enquiry by the client is deemed acceptance of these terms and our ‘House Rules’.

A booking is considered ‘confirmed’ once the deposit has been received. Dao Samui Co. Ltd requires a minimum deposit of 30% of the total booking value. Should Koh Tao Star Villa be unable to fulfil a booking for whatever reason, once this deposit is received, it will be refunded in full. Under no other circumstance is the deposit refundable except at the sole discretion of the Management. The balance is payable in Thai Baht upon arrival at Koh Tao Star Villa. Only those guests notified to the management at time of booking are allowed to stay at Koh Tao Star Villa. No subletting is allowed except with the express written permission of the Management.

Early Departure: The Management (at its discretion) may refund up to 50% of the value of the unused accommodation. Any discounts gained from the duration of the original booking are forfeit. Minimum early departure fee under any circumstances is two nights at the standard rate at that time over and above the minimum booking period.

All prices shown are in Thai Baht and are inclusive of VAT and service charge.

Except with the prior agreement of the Management, check out time is 10.00am.

Any damage to the fabric of the buildings, the interiors, the fixtures and fittings, the equipment supplied or any external facilities/property of Dao Samui Co. Ltd will be charged. This charge will cover the full reinstatement/replacement cost of the damaged item(s) including any labour and transport cost incurred. Depending on the nature of the damage, the charge may also include a ‘loss of business’ element. Any instance of theft will be reported to island authorities.

The client hereby agrees that their usage of any of the facilities provided at Koh Tao Star Villa is done so entirely at their own risk. The client also hereby agrees to indemnify the Management and will keep them indemnified against any liability, claim, demands, costs, charges or expenses arising as a result of their residence at Koh Tao Star Villa. It is entirely at the discretion of the client to arrange their own insurance should they deem fit to do so.

Any claim and disputes in relation to the afore mentioned shall be settled in Thailand in accordance with the laws of Thailand.

These terms and conditions may vary or change at any time without notification.

'House Rules'

At Koh Tao Star Villa we are committed to providing you with first class accommodation and service and in return we ask that you respect our beautiful villa, its contents, the surrounding environment and the fauna and flora of Koh Tao. We do everything we can to help preserve the fantastic nature and beauty of Koh Tao and we would like to ask for your help in this matter. To these ends, we require all our guests to follow these simple, common sense, ‘house rules’:

  • There is a ‘recycle’ bag provided in the kitchen. Please use this bag for unwanted plastic/glass bottles, tins and cans.
  • Do not put used batteries or aerosol cans in the bin – we will handle these separately for you.
  • Bathroom towels and bedding are not to be taken out of the apartment. Beach towels are available for hire if required.
  • Kitchen items – crockery, knives, forks, etc., are not to be removed from Koh Tao Star Villa.
  • Please feel free to use the fans whilst you are in your apartment, but please turn them off when you leave.
  • Equally, the air con is there for you to use should you so choose and we have done our best to supply stylish, efficient units. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we ask that you only use the air con whilst you are there to benefit from it and that you set the temperature to no lower than 24 degrees. We must also politely insist that you turn it off when it is not being used. If you leave it on when you leave the apartment, there will be a charge of 500 baht.
  • When using the air con please close the bedroom windows and doors.
  • Fresh water is a precious commodity on Koh Tao (we receive far less rainfall than the mainland or Samui / Pha Ngan) so please be ‘conscientious’ with its use especially if you do any hand washing.
  • No smoking inside the apartments. Please always dispose of cigarette butts responsibly wherever you are on the island.
  • Please do not hang any wet towels/clothes etc on the furniture or wooden doors.
  • Please turn off all lights – including your outside lights - when you retire to bed.
  • Damages and breakages and missing items will be charged for.
  • Most items are available for sale. If you require a souvenir (dressing gown, towel, etc.) please ask for a pricelist.
  • Please do not encourage the animals into the apartments.
  • Please ensure that doors are always secured using the latches provided.
  • Our toilet waste systems cannot handle toilet paper or ladies sanitary products please dispose of these in the bin next to the toilet.
  • Please be particularly careful with creams, oils, suntan lotion and cosmetics. These are not easily removed from towels, bedding, etc. and if we are unable to clean an item we will have to charge for specialist cleaning on Koh Samui.