Guest's Comments

Simon & Jenny Dowling - Hampshire, England - 10th March 2010

Thank you so much for everything!! We have enjoyed our stay immensely. You have yet again made us so welcome and have gone out of your way to accommodate us. We shall certainly miss the view and you guys, not forgeting the animals. :-)

Thank you again and who knows - we might be back. :-)

Love Jenny & Simon.

Tom Lansford - Chinon, France - 10th March 2010

Dear Alan and Heidi

How is it possible to thank you for all your help and support on this trip? It's not! But thanks a million anyway. I am certain we will see each other again soon - and remember, in France there is always a room for you in Chinon! Take care. Tom.

Bruno Pezzia & Georgia - Italy - 12th February 2010

To Alan & Heidi.

Thank you very much for your hospitality and your way to make us feel like home. We hope next year to have more time to spend with you in the island because your company was more than feel OK. As for Alan, please Heidi you should train him to drink more so we can enjoy Alan's theories about the universe!!

Georgia & Bruno

Alicia Luscombe & Zac Scrivens - Essex, England - 20th January 2010

Thank you so much for your hospitality, we couldn't of felt any more welcome. Thank you for showing us around. It was a short but sweet trip. But with your help we saw a little more of the island than we perhaps would of.

Really please with the apartment. We may copy some of your ideas!

Dr Dolittle has thoroughly enjoyed playing with your pets! We will definitely be back and will reccommend Koh Tao Star Villas to anyone visiting Thailand.

Thank you - Zac (Dr Dolittle) and Alicia.

Alex Fazzari and Kate Moses - Aukland, New Zealand - 15th January 2010

Dear Alan, Heidi and pets

Thank you for having us, we've loved being here and would stay longer if we could. We'll be back.

The villas are amazing. You've managed to carve lovely, sophisticated living spaces out of the junge.

More importantly for us, has been the experience of meeting you pair. It's an inspirational story and you've succeeded in making us and I'm sure many others, think of our own lifestyles and how we can change them. You guys are cool, good work on what you've achieved so far.

We'll be in touch, and hopefully back before too long with some friends in tow.

Thanks for all your kindness. Cheeriooooooooooooooo!

Marrion Finnegan & Steve - Dublin, Ireland - 5th January 2010

Heidi & Alan,

Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality. Your knowledge fo the island is better than any guidebook! We loved living here and don't want to leave Star Villa! Its been a fantastic trip with so many lovely memories - the lunar jeep rides, all the animals, mango & sticky rice, snorkelling trips, breakfast on the balcony, stunning views...... I could go on! You made us feel so welcome in your beautiful villa. Hopefully we will manage to come back sometime.

We wish you the best of luck with everything as you both deserve it! Thank you SO much!

John & Dory Merriman - Surrey, England - 5th January 2010

Thanks a million for making our stay so enjoyable. You are both obviously 'made' to operate this business! A blueprint for all others as how to be successful, especially making your guests feel so special and all the attention to detail. We only wish we could have stayed longer. Hope all goes well with your daughters wedding. Many thanks, love Dory & John.

Dwight & Demetria Jackson - USA - 2nd January 2010

Spending Christmas and New Year here at the Villa has been wonderful. Alan, Heidi, Bailey, Moe and No. 3 have been great! Staying here is more like staying with friends..... well my friends don't tidy up your living area - so it is better than staying with friends. :-) We've loved it here, and the hill has made me wnat to get back in the gym!

Great times, views, conversations and laughs!! Cheers!

Daniele & Melania - Rome, Italy - 5th December 2009

Dear Heidi & Alan

It's very difficult to leave this place. Your sweetness, your generosity, your hospitality won't be easily forgotten. We spent 6 days of aboslute relax, fun and serenity surrounded by your attentions It was really a pleasure to meet you.

We won't say that you made us feel at home, because at the Koh Tao Star Villa we felt better than home. We were lost in Koh Tao. And now we found our little paradise. We will be back soon. Surely.

Thank you, take care, and see you soon!

Emerson, Maria, Amelia & Ana - Australia - 4th October 2009

We are definitely fitter after walking up the hill back to Star Villa a few times! Then we just sat on the balcony to enjoy the momentous view.

Thanks Alan & Heidi for being a great host and for the impecable room service. We'd like to spend a few more days here, and hopefully in the future, we will. Take care.

ps. We'll miss our friends Bailey, Moe and Chino.

Ola & Karol - Poland - 30th September 2009

Comfortable, clean and cosily!! Every day, a beatiful view and a nice atmosphere- that will be our memories. Thank you Heidi & Alan.

Dan Dewar & Lisa Howell - Surrey - 2nd September 2009


What can we say? Most definately a home from home. I can't even remember life on Tao before Star Villa! An incredible experience. Alan has done a fantastic job of looking after us, even without Heidi's help - he even made a good job of the washing. From introducing us to Koh Tao's "movers & shakers" to filling up the fridge with enless Singha & Soda water, we could not have asked for a better host.

Star Villa has made our whole time here 100 times better & we eill leave with fond memories of our evenings out (and in) with Alan!

Thank you for having us. We will always remember you!

Shehryar Amin & Amir Rashid - Pakistan - 23rd August 2009

Having stayed at some of the best hotels in the world, gotta say that the experience here has been unforgettable. From the stunning terrace views to the great rooms and the always stocked fridge, the villa has everything one could hope for, plus the always helpful Alan. But the best part of staying here - riding the crazy road here up and down on an ATV!!

Frannie - Australia - 12th August 2009

I just had my early morning visit from Bailey. Dogs know good people and you are lovely people. Last time I stayed on Koh Tao, it was in a little bungalow on the beach. I love the new one! You guys keep a lovely place. Very welcoming, amazing ocean vistas, great back yard. My visint couln't have been better. See you next time.

Stefan Fischer - Germany - 20th July 2009

Hello Heidi and Alan.

Thank you very much for the good time I had here with you and on the island. Of all the places I have stayed on the island, this has been the most pleasant one by far. I already miss the fantastic view from the balcony and the pool table.

It was a pleasure. Hope to be back soon.

Simon & Jenny Dowling - Hampshire, England - 12th May 2009

Hey Guys, what can we say about you? I'm not sure I have the words to describe how wonderful a time we have had here at Koh Tao Star Villa.

We arrived on the 25th January, and stayed with you all that time!! You have always been there to help, whether it was directions, advice recommendations or even just a game of pool!

We fell in love with the island and the accomodation, a trully breathtaking view and our own romantic interlude away from the madness of diving training.

Thank you very much Alan & Heidi for everything you did for us. The food, the jeep, the games the room servicing. All fab! We shall miss you guys and this place deeply. I only hope this is just the beginning.